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Jan 15

Love without Pain

The teaching will not only touch on relationship between couples but also between parents and their children, between siblings, and between close friends. Please help us promote this by forwarding it to your friends and relatives who maybe interested.

Dec 28

Compassion in Action—Taking and Giving

Dec 21

Introduction to Tantra

Nov 09

A Buddhist Guide to Universal Love

Oct 29

Beyond the Breathing Meditation

Oct 17

Giving Up the Illusion of Immortality

Oct 07

Staying Positive in the midst of Negativities

Sep 28

Recipe for a Meaningful Life

Sep 28

Harnessing the Power of Your Mind

Aug 21

Learn to Meditate

The next teaching will be on September 2, Sunday and the topic is Learn to Meditate. Although this is a beginner’s course, this gives long time meditators an opportunity to validate their practice and to clarify any issues they may have.

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